Friday, March 15, 2013

Dallas Does Eric Clapton

Dear Readers,

I'm sorry for the blog silence. You should be happy to know that I have been working on my dissertation faithfully. Well, mostly faithfully. Well, faithfully in-between attending academic conferences and other important-sounding-stuff. One of those important things? Practicing for this show:

Friday, March 15th Dallas Does ERIC CLAPTON! 8 pm $5

 Some of your favorite local Dallas musicians belt out the best of Eric Clapton. This is gonna be fun!
Garrett Owen
Christine Hand
Joel Megli
Tim Hall

Really, "Christine Hand" is a misnomer this time. Sure, I'll be singing and all, but the real heavy-lifters are Adam Jones and Ed Hand, because of their amazing guitar skills. Especially my dad. We would say, "why don't you take a solo?" and then, he wouldn't just take the solo -- he would kill the solo. We should pretty much re-name the band "Keeping up with Ed."

So, come out and see us tonight. It's going to be great!



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