Thursday, June 7, 2012

Putting down Roots

We had a fantastic time last weekend doing "Dallas Does the Rolling Stones." The best part about these tribute shows is we get to add new cover songs to our collection. (We've also signed up for "Dallas does the Eagles" for July, so there's even more fun to come.) If you want to hear some of the new songs in our repertoire, come join us this Saturday night at Roots coffeehouse in North Richland Hills, TX.
Roots's Cinnamon Spice Latte. Yummy!
This is such a great venue, I would tell you to check it out even if we weren't going to be there providing the tunes. But now, you really have no excuse not to drink some delicious coffee or tea (they make a killer iced earl grey latte, or "foggy London" if you're looking to cool off from the Texas weather), settle into a comfy chair or cozy corner table, bring a friend or a book or your laptop for the free wi-fi, and listen to some great music!

See y'all Saturday!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Dallas Does The Rolling Stones -- Saturday

We had a wonderful time last Saturday participating in "Dallas does the Beatles" with some amazing Dallas artists. We played "Nowhere Man," "Norwegian Wood," "Don't Let Me Down," and "Here Comes the Sun," and when there was extra time left at the end, we played "Open Country" (from our latest EP -- which you can download for free using the link to the right) and Led Zepplin's "Ramble On." Songs from other artists included lots of favorites -- most notably, a moving audience-participation moment in "Hey Jude." The whole night was a blast, so thanks to all who came out.

We had so much fun, in fact, that we enthusiastically agreed to participate in this weekend's tribute show: Dallas does the Rolling Stones.

 Read all about it hereand on our show calendarIt's going to be another fantastic line-up of wonderful musicians and classic songs, for $5 starting at 8:00 pm this Saturday, June 2, in one of Dallas's most intimate and beloved venues.