Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sinus infection and other excuses

So, I've been a really sporadic blogger over the last month. I had my doctoral exams as an excuse, and when they were over, I promised to focus more on music (and music-related activity, like keeping this website updated). Then, I got a horrible sinus-infection, which, in addition to preventing me from singing, also delayed my dissertation proposal writing, setting me back on my goals. And Wednesday, I was in a car accident. (No worries; everyone is fine). If I keep telling you about my crazy life right now, you'll probably start to think I'm just making stuff up. So, I'm going to stop making excuses, and just post some pictures from Easter, including my parents' adorable cats, Ringo and Regina.

This is totally music-related, see? This picture contains two band-members. 

And there's a possibility I'm writing a hit song in that notebook, not doing something silly like drawing pictures of cats... 

My mom!

Now to get back to writing that dissertation proposal...

Friday, April 6, 2012

Free Download for Good Friday

Hello everyone! I am happy to say that I have passed all my doctoral exams. Thanks for bearing with me as I abandoned music for a little while to focus on that.

In honor of good Friday, I am offering a free download of my song, "Wells of Love," which I wrote several Good Fridays ago, available only at CD Baby, here: (You'll have to scroll down to that track, which will say $0.00 beside it).

Listen to a performance of the song here, if you like:

Have a happy Easter weekend, everyone.