Monday, January 31, 2011

Amazing House Concert!

We had an incredible time performing alongside Vicky Williams and Grady Yates for a sold-out house concert, last night. I know what you're thinking. House concerts are small, cramped affairs where a few friends of a friend gather closely around, straining to hear the lone guitar and vocalist. We call this "intimate," to make ourselves feel better (though it really can be a lot of fun), and this is basically what I had in mind beforehand. Then we pulled up to this million-dollar, custom designed, 11,000 sq. foot home by Sharif-Munir, and we knew that this was no ordinary house concert.

The house is for sale, by the way, so if you happen to have that much money, go talk to the good people at sharif-munir -- then come talk to us about helping out with the production of our next record. :)

Playing this show was like being invited to a swanky party where people also want to listen to you sing and play original music -- and, better yet, they actually want to hear you talk about the songs and the songwriting process. This kind of thing very rarely happens in the music scene as I have experienced it, so it was truly a rare treat. Special thanks also go to Dallas Master Songwriting Sessions  for helping to organize and sponsor the event, as well as Grady Yates for putting the night together, Sharif-Munir for the excellent venue, and producer James Johnson of Noise Vault studios for running sound and recording the night's music. (Look for audio and/or video to come, soon!)

This sort of event restores my faith in the local music scene. The quality of writing and musicianship, the enthusiasm and support of the audience, and the friendliness and hospitality of those who made the event possible all made for the kind of community music experience that I often feel we have lost. So again, I offer a hearty thank you!